Andrés García Prieto

Andrés García Prieto:

I have been dedicated to photography for over 25 years. In the beginning, it was not my main source of income, but as time went by I begun leaving other activities until I was fully dedicated to working with my camera.
It was not until 1999 that I was asked to take an aerial photograph of an industrial plant. I had flown several times by then, but not specifically to take aerial photographs. The truth is that from that instant, I have found it to be a more passionate experience every time: to be able to observe from mid-air the trace of men over the earth and our country’s different geographies and landscapes.

It is always a surprise. One plans fights, yet the results are not always the ones expected. Sometimes they are better, others, we must repeat the flights until obtaining what we seek. At times, nature gives us a magnificent view for some minutes. The correct light and colour, and the conditions that make flying possible, thus arriving to a splendid result.

In these almost 10 years flying, the anecdotes are not few. There have been moments of hesitation when one asks what am I getting myself into, like flying over clouds in a single-engine land airplane, when there was no second alternative. That is to say, only clouds below. Then, sudden fog and lack of visibility make it compelling to rice and reach the clear blue sky, and take the correct way. When possible, I fly with my children, who have also had the privilege to observe the land as the birds do.
puede, vuelo con mis hijos, quienes han tenido el privilegio también de observar su tierra como la ven las aves.

In any case, I am not as committed as my friend, the Kiwi.

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